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Smart Electromagnetic flow meter sewage Pipeline hydraulic diesel magnetic flowmeter digital liquid inline controller

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QXFL-DG series electromagnetic flowmeters follow the Faraday law of electromagnetic induction. They can be used to accurately measure the flow rate of liquids which are electrical conducting, caustic, and mixed with liquids and solids. They are widely used throughout industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmacology, papermaking, electric power, environmental protection and so forth.

  1. Zero pressure losing;
  2.  High accuracy, Stable performance, high level of anti-vibration and anti-jamming, wide measuring dimensions.
  3. Corrosion protection, abrasion resistant;
  4. life long time.


1)No Moving Parts, Virtually No Pressure Loss;

2)Corrosion protection, abrasion resistant;

3)High accuracy, Stable performance;

4)High level of anti-vibration and anti-jamming, wide measuring dimensions.

5)Multi-Output Interface4~20mA, Pulse, Alarm Outputs, RS-485 and Modbus Communication

Operating Principle

Faradays Laws of Induction form the basis for the electromagnetic flowmeters. It states that a voltage is induced in a conductor as it moves through a magnetic field.

This principle is applied to a conductive fluid which flows through a magnetic field generated perpendicular to the flow direction (see Schematic).

The voltage induced in the fluid is measured at two electrodes, installed diametrically opposed. This signal voltage UE is proportional to the magnetic induction B, the electrode spacing D and the average flow velocity v. Noting that the magnetic induction B and the electrode spacing D are constants, a proportionality exists between the signal voltage UE and the average flow velocity v. The equation for the volume flow shows that the signal voltage UE is linear and proportional to the volume flowrate. The induced signal voltage is processed in the converter into scaled, analog and digital signals.

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